Faster healing

Faster healing

Finding new ways to speed wound healing


Millions of people get shallow cuts and grazes every day. Their damaged skin is painful or fragile until it fully heals about two weeks later. Our client wanted to understand how it could increase the speed of wound healing.


We investigated the multi-scale processes of wound healing - considering the interconnections and looking out for factors that might limit the speed of healing. From this, we identified a range of ways to speed up wound healing, and suggested technologies or actives that could influence them. Finally, we gave the client plans for experimental studies to investigate the efficacy of these potential treatments.


The client received more than forty new ideas for ways to trigger faster wound healing, together with a clear view of the experiments required to validate these. The client also found our structured approach to wound healing very useful and asked us to present our understanding and approach at an internal seminar for more than fifty people, providing them with a universal language for future innovation across the company.