All Change in Apparel!


INVISTA is a leading fibre and fabric supplier with well-known ‘ingredient’ brands such as LYCRA®, COOLMAX® or STAINMASTER® After these successes, where should INVISTA focus its innovation programme next? It seeks to derive competitive advantage through innovation but, like many B2B companies, finds itself isolated from consumers.


INVISTA brought in Innovia to help it to create an innovation pipeline. We designed and facilitated a two-day workshop that brought in our experience of working with clothing brands and retailers. Though ages old, the apparel industry is changing quickly, responding to drivers such as sustainability, personalisation, change in the nature of work and leisure and growing interest in wearables. We helped the INVISTA team bring together emerging consumer needs and technology enablers so as to spot new opportunities that played well to its ambition and capabilities.


Over the course of the two days, we created eight detailed ideas with clear next steps and champions for their ongoing development.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA.