Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy

Ramping up manufacturing for breakthrough products


As the pace of innovation quickens and product lifecycles shorten, many companies are shifting their focus from time-to-market to time-to-volume. The approach taken to ramp-up manufacture has become critically important for companies that seek to lead or disrupt markets. Control of cost and risk during ramp-up is challenging: development timescales and manufacturing capability are hard to determine for new technologies; demand is impossible to predict for products that meet new benefits and/or drive new behaviours.


Our client wished to commercialise a breakthrough product embodying mechanical, electronic and chemical components. Drawing on our cross-industry expertise and deep knowledge of breakthrough innovation, we identified the factors that determine manufacturing system configuration and partner selection across a range of demand projections.


To our client’s surprise, we clearly showed that the best partners and strategies are very different to those used in today’s supply chain. This insight shortened time-to-volume and greatly reduced financial risk.