Innovation Strategy

Innovation Strategy

Envisaging next-decade manufacturing


Bill Gates said that people overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years, and underestimate that which will occur in the next ten. This means that, for effective decision-making, executives need to look over the horizon. Innovia’s client wished to create a ‘North-Star Vision’ for next-decade manufacturing, considering cost, agility, geography, product innovation and diverging perspectives from numerous project stakeholders.


We compared our client’s capabilities with current world-class practices, learning from analogies in other sectors. Our exploration spanned future market scenarios, long-term development roadmaps and analysis of potentially game-changing technologies.


Working closely with our client, we formed two compelling visions: integration of factory processes in an unusual way to improve flexibility and economics, as well as specialisation, by using dedicated assets to resolve strategic tensions. The programme set a clear direction for the medium- to long-term manufacturing strategy.