Where next for printed media?


HP is a leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and supplies, both for retail and commercial customers. The business is experiencing rapid change through increased use of digital documents, shared by mobile platforms and stored and processed in the cloud. Of course, pundits have long forecast the death of the printed medium – and yet, in many sectors volumes are growing. To secure future growth, HP asked Innovia to help it identify opportunities to drive print relevancy for small-medium enterprise. What types of information or pattern will be printed in the future? When does physical have the edge over virtual? How does the interplay affect the job to be done, the efficiency of the workflow? Where do the unique portability and expendability of paper media play best, in today’s work environment and in the future?


Innovia worked with a multi-functional HP team to identify the most attractive growth opportunities and any requisite changes to the proposition and business model.


It’s clear that printed media will continue to have strong relevance in the future, though not necessarily in the form we see today. No writing on the wall here!