Making Technology Matter


How can you sell your Aspirin as a better product than your competitor’s, when the composition is largely fixed by regulation, and all the consumer cares about is “HEADACHE”? Should you focus instead on promoting your brand? This is similar to the problem faced by our client, a leading retailer of automotive fuels. Of course, there are measurable performance differences, but these can be quite technical and difficult to communicate to the consumer. How can we create compelling demonstrators of the fuel’s benefits?


We recognised several challenges – how to engage the consumer’s attention in the first place, how to make the benefits relevant, and how to make a convincing case – and we created a toolkit of approaches to each of these. We looked in detail at the fuel science, and worked out how to ladder this up to persuasive stories that differentiate our client. Using a systematic, creative process we created a portfolio of over 30 ideas, of which seven moved onto development.


Being outsiders to the industry enabled us to recognise where the science needed heavy translation for consumers. By turning this deep science into stories that really engage consumers, we helped our client integrate R&D and Marketing activities to deliver more compelling products.