Enriching home-cooking experiences


New technologies often have an instant impact on the market, but rarely deliver on their full potential immediately. Induction hobs are quick, safe, efficient and easy to clean, and increasingly becoming a popular choice for home kitchens. Electrolux asked Innovia Technology to take a fresh look at induction cooking in order to offer even more exciting benefits to consumers in terms of flexibility and heat control.


Innovia drew on its deep experience of innovation in other product categories such as clothing, mobile phone interfaces, car interiors and desk organisation to help Electrolux identify the key dimensions of flexibility. Our structured, analytical approach allowed us to create a systematic portfolio of over seventy concepts for hob flexibility. The ten leading concepts were tested in several cities using visually intuitive storyboards created by Innovia.


The collaboration inspired Electrolux’s Chef@Home product, which enables flexible cooking over three special zones. At the flick of a switch, you can combine two induction zones into a large induction surface on which you can cook the way you want.