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The Ultimate Strapless Bra


Conventional strapless bra designs are not capable of providing the shape and support that women desire. Wonderbra challenged Innovia to help it break out of this conventional thinking and to develop the ultimate strapless bra.


Innovia started by systematically reviewing how a strapless bra performs and identifying inherent limitations. By applying engineering and design principles Innovia identified a range of opportunities for integrating improved support into the bra.

Innovia developed proof of principle prototypes to test these hypotheses and working alongside Wonderbra’s R&D team, we established manufacturing feasibility for the garment.


Tests show that the new design delivers greatly improved breast shape, and support that reduces the need for readjustment. The patented product was launched in June 2009. It quickly became Wonderbra’s best selling product, driving the brand to grow 33% in the UK in 2010.