DB Apparel

DB Apparel

Tailoring sports bras to specific sports


Shock Absorber, the leading European sports bra brand, wanted to create new garments tailored for specific sports like running, soccer and tennis. To accelerate the development, Shock Absorber asked Innovia to explore potential benefits and create an initial concept design for each sport.


Innovia interviewed sportswomen, sports scientists and physiotherapists to understand the specific biomechanical, comfort-related and psychological benefits required for each sport. For each benefit, Innovia systematically explored technical enablers and created specific product features to deliver targeted, sport specific performance. We integrated these into an initial concept for each garment and presented these to a multi-functional Shock Absorber team.


Innovia’s concepts guided and inspired Shock Absorber’s own internal design team to develop the Sport Specific range which was launched in November 2009.