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Playtex in Harmony


Playtex has a deserved reputation for providing comfortable everyday lingerie but in mid 2006 its innovation pipeline was depleted and it asked Innovia to help identify new opportunities.


We creatively explored brand values and consumer benefits such as comfort and reassurance in order to generate a broad range of novel designs. During interactive workshops we prioritized key opportunities from which Playtex constructed a 3 year pipeline. From our work we identified that conventional underwired bras trade-off support and fit. Playtex asked Innovia to develop a solution to challenge this paradigm. Drawing on experience in adjacent categories, such as footwear and medical consumables, Innovia generated a portfolio of design solutions from which a lead concept was selected. Innovia worked alongside Playtex’s R&D team to refine the design and prove manufacturing feasibility.


Playtex’s Innovation pipeline is now full and it launched In Harmony in April 2008 protected by a patent application.