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DB Apparel

Revitalising consumer appeal of a brand


Lovable is a leader in the Italian lingerie market with a strong heritage in quality and innovation. Its position has recently been threatened by Intimissimi, a relative newcomer with big investments in marketing and retail. Lovable asked Innovia to update its segmentation model and revitalise its consumer appeal.


We analysed Lovable’s current model and explored alternative segmentations across sectors. We identified the model most suited to Lovable, and used this to create distinctive segments that are meaningful and aspirational to consumers. The segments were brought to life using evocative imagery and language. For each segment, we suggested specific routes for implementation to leverage Lovable’s strengths and to revitalise the brand.


Lovable is excited by the energy and aspiration embedded in the segmentation. Together with Innovia’s strategic recommendations, the new model will act as a blueprint for Lovable’s future innovation in product development and communications.