Arena International

Arena International

Helping consumers choose swimming goggles


Goggles are often taken for granted, at least until something goes wrong. Moreover, almost every aspect of their performance – from the way they affect your vision, to avoiding leaks and fogging – is only testable in the water, not in the shop. The combination of these factors make it challenging for arena to help consumers to choose their goggles.


arena turned to their long term partner, Innovia, for a step-change in communication. We worked to understand both goggles and swimmers, creating profiles of users in order to understand their needs, motivations, and purchase drivers. At the same time, we analysed the physics and product design behind arena goggles to understand their performance and outline justifiable claims.


Merging these perspectives allowed us to develop a system of communication approaches. These help to clearly and consistently demonstrate the functional benefits of arena goggles in a way that strongly resonates with swimmers. arena is implementing our recommendations in their new in-store and on-pack communication materials in 2017.